Top Marketing Books: Experts Recommend the Best!

Top Marketing Books“What are the top marketing books I should read?” is a question I’m often asked.

While I have my favorite marketing books, new and old, I asked top marketers what they recommend. Here are their replies.

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3 Killer Amazon Advantages: How To Improve Your Marketing Now

Killer Amazon AdvantagesAmazon established Prime Day as a global retail event that attracts not only shopper attention but also competitive retailer participation with competitive offers.

While Prime Day gives other retailers a jump on their 3Q2018 sales and the back-to-school season, they lack Amazon’s Prime subscription fees and built-in one step purchasing. Continue reading

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How To Improve Content Amplification On The Cheap: Network

Improve content amplification by networkingContent amplification is an on-going process to attract awareness and interest in your content.

To improve content amplification, focus on the first 3 days post-publication.

The results of these 3 days set the course for longer-term content distribution reach. Continue reading

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Social Media Strategy – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Keith Quesenberry

New book: Social Media Strategy: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for marketers?

A: The biggest mistake I see is starting with social media objectives. In social media strategy you must always start with broader business objectives. Many brands entered social media without a clear strategy. It was added to existing plans as another outlet to deliver the marketing message. Often brands simply take their existing social channels and set goals for raising their numbers of likes, comments, and shares.

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5 Content Distribution Planning Secrets You Need To Boost Results

Content distribution planning secretsWhen do you start your content distribution planning?

Don’t be ashamed to tell me.

I promise I won’t tell anyone—it can be our secret!

Many content marketers start their content distribution process sometime after creating their content and hitting publish. Continue reading

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Boost Your Mobile Content: How To Profit From Emerging TV Habits [Research]

Mobile Content MarketingGoodbye television viewing – Hello mobile content marketing!

Are you scratching your head wondering what you missed?

Maybe you were too busy binge watching the latest offering on Netflix. Continue reading

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Dad’s Social Media Lessons That Will Improve Your Results

Dad's Social Media LessonsBefore sharing my dad’s social media lessons, I have to come clean.

My father never had a social media account.

Unless you count email, but there’s still a hitch because my parents shared an email address.

However, don’t let this minor fact stop you from learning from my dad. Continue reading

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Attention Pays – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Neen James

New book: Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for marketers?

A: Pay attention to the needs of your audience and customize your message specifically in a way that will grab (and keep) their attention.

Marketing is about getting people’s attention, for marketers to be highly successful they need to know how to KEEP their audiences attention and understand many of their audiences are highly distracted, this makes it even more important to keep their attention and design programs that will do that.

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